You dream it
We produce it

100 ml AS airless bottle

pp airless bottle – 50 and 100 ml

AS 75 ml Deodorant container

Airless bottle with sprayer – several sizes available

Black glass bottle with silver sleeve rubber dropper – 30 and 50 ml

Cylindric glass bottle with golden sleeve pump – 30 and 50 ml

50 ml jar with cap and built-in spatula – all made from PP

50 ml cylindric glass jar with an aluminum cap and pp seal

Our Process

Our process starts with getting to know you – the client, your story, your wishes and your products, alongside with your target prices for the packaging you would like to have for your products.
Once we will get to know you, we will get samples of your materials, our QC department will check the materials compliance with the package you would like it to be in

We will understand you and your market and embrace new customer-oriented engine for each new customer, this will help us develop and work on new products, upgrade the packaging line you already have, and in fact we will be your own office in China.
Later on, we will update our customer-oriented engine with customer feedback, in view of that we are here for the long run, we will pursue greatness and enhance our abilities in order to give you the best products with quality and professional service.