What Is The Gordian Knot?

A Line is the most elemental way to illustrate in our mind a future action, process, Goal, or dream.

A string, a rope, a line drawn in the sand can be a practical, educated way of communicating, representing time, or just a speaking metaphor for time.

Lines break, form knots, get entangled or change exposure, fade or buzz with vitality… Life!

Each of us has the capability to pass a knot.

“According to the ancient chronicler Arrian, the impetuous Alexander was instantly “seized with an ardent desire” to untie the Gordian knot.

After wrestling with it for a time and finding no success, he stepped back from the mass of gnarled ropes and proclaimed, “It makes no difference how they are loosed.”

He then drew his sword and sliced the knot in half with a single stroke.”


More than ever in uncertain times – knots and knots – the need for flexibility and agile thinking, comes with changes, new responsibilities which expands our expertise territory.

A Knot is about Unlocking.


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