The top of the mountain, being in lockdown, Sisyphus froze

And history has erased the old representation frantically and showed us a Sisyphus sitting, with a pet rock aside.

So after the 3rd day, Sisyphus wrote a note to himself.

Starting with “If you are reading this… “ and ending with “ …Sincerely yours, Sisyphus.”

What is written in that note we’ll never know because we found out about this from his pet rock friend, a bug, which is no longer around, flying into some pink sky, somewhere.

What we know is that at one point, history erased the temporary representation of a sitting Sisyphus frantically, replacing it with the ancient representation, Sisyphus in action.

We have no dates to prove this but the word is, reality shifts like this are still happening.

We simply choose to remember and see Sisyphus in action.