The 道 of Premium Pack

In recent years, prosaic actions had the pitch of lifetime expertise, and the individual’s behavior had to complement the unpredictable.

Each project’s timeline can be seen as Tao.

Tao (道) is a form of praxis rather than theory.

An intuitive understanding of “life” that cannot be learned as a concept or skill but is comprehended through the actual living experience of one’s everyday being.

A way to resonate with any context and challenges and establish balance, to meet any client’s needs, is Premium Pack’s understanding as Tao.

Premium Pack started to unpack in London at the Olympia venue on the 30th of November, as an exhibitor at the Packaging Innovation & Luxury Packaging Exhibition held on the 1st and 2nd December 2021.

A small variety of samples from our portfolio of cosmetics packaging arrived to be displayed at the Packaging Innovation and Luxury Packaging Exhibition in London, from the land of Tao.

Premium Pack’s on-site team welcomed and listened to everyone visiting the booth during the show. We met old acquaintances and met new, exciting people.

As Supply Chain Manager, Premium Pack premiered the news of an in-house Quality Control laboratory.

A growing number of mono-material and PCR versions for various packaging, containers, and closures, as well as the possibility of new sustainable designs, are always on the table.

The goals as a B2B company, for a better environment, a better world: – sustainable development and implementation of recyclable packaging – an increasingly reduced footprint of the processes and services – zero waste – circular economy.

Premium Pack has practiced inclusion and diversity as a multicultural team since the company started.

New business perspectives are now opened, and we are ready to follow up on them.

We are grateful for our on-site team, exceptionally resourceful and creative people.

We missed our colleagues from China, to whom we owe the well-planned project of assuring the presence of the samples, on time, in perfect condition.

Thank you all. The whole time of the exhibition, we took responsibility for minimizing the risk of contamination with SARS-CoV-2. The furniture, the samples, and all other items from the stand were checked and constantly disinfected during the exhibition days.